Professional perspectives

Building upon a bachelor degree, the master studies build up higher level competences which may be used in industry of in research. In particular, the master degree qualifies for Ph.D. studies. Furthermore, the master qualifies for advances professional tasks in industry in research, development, realization, marketing, and software maintenance. A master of computer science qualifies for leading teams and also for being a technical expert beyond the level which can be achieved with the bachelor degree.

The national and international demands for computer scientists are still high. In the past, the discipline of computer science has survived economic crises, where the opportunities for positions have decreased only temporarily. Due to the increasing use of computer science in virtual all branches of economy, the long-term demand will remain high. Thus, there will be excellent career opportunities for computer scientists in a wide range of economic branches, ranging from small to large enterprises. In particular, the international character of the Master of Computer Science will prepare students to work in international teams. Furthermore, the project phase will contribute to this goal, as well.

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