In the section of Computer Science at least 95 credit points must be provided. Two or three project modules from at least two special fields with altogether 30 credit points have to be included as well as a master thesis with 30 credit points. The grade of the master thesis is included with dual weight of the credit points in the final grade.

Parts of the section Application are intersectional extensions in one of the application areas mathematics, physics, biochemistry, earth science, law, economics, cultural studies or engineering. In the selected application area at least 15 credit points have to be contributed. The application modules serve as an introduction to the respective subject and the corresponding technical terminology. Contrary to that the master program Applied Computer Science imparts the selected application area on a much larger scale and much more depth. The necessary requirements are a much bigger obstacle for admission of foreign students. In so far the concept of the new master degree program differs considerably from the existing master program Applied Computer Science.

In the section General Education at least 10 credit points in linguistic and general key competences are necessary. This includes for example competences in free speech, in writing and presenting in English or German as foreign language, respectively, as well as special knowledge in the areas of science theory, project management and intercultural communication. As requirement for the modules to choose closeness in contents and relevance for the master degree program is expected.

The curriculum contains only a small number of obligatory modules to make an individual extension for the students possible. For the same reason the students are offered a broad spectrum of modules both in Computer Science and in the application area. Thus it is considered that students from Germany and foreign students have different previous knowledge.

The given modules are on master level in Computer Science exclusively and in the application areas for the most part. Beyond that in the application areas some courses from bachelor degree programs are offered. These can only be selected by students, who have not taken these courses or courses with similar contents in their bachelor studies. Through this construct it should be possible for the students to choose – if they are interested - an application area, which they have not taken or not studied intensively before.

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