Target groups and Orientation

The master program Computer Science is intended for students with a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification with focus on computer science. In particular, it addresses the following target groups:

  • Students of the bachelor program Applied Computer Science at the University of Bayreuth, wishing to continue their studies in a Master degree program with less focus on application areas.
  • Students in the pilot degree program Bachelor of Education (teaching) at the University of Bayreuth, who, after having received their bachelor degree intend to continue their studies in a Master degree program in Computer Science. An important objective of this pilot program is the so-called multi-skilling of the Bachelor degree.
  • German students from other universities, which are attracted by the special characteristics of the Master degree program (project semester, bilingualism).
  • Foreign students wishing to obtain their master’s degree in Germany.

To achieve this, especially the following two measures are taken:

First, courses are offered in English, if possible. (There is no guarantee that all courses are given in English. In particular, the courses in the application area outside of computer science — which are a mandatory part of the curriculum — are usually taught in German.)

Second, compared to the existing degree program Applied Computer Science and its applications areas, the special application area is reduced considerably, newly defined with regard to the mediating skills and supplemented with new application fields. With that, on the one hand a fitting offer should be given to the students at the University of Bayreuth, who want to take a master program of Type 1, to continue their studies at the University of Bayreuth. On the other hand, the applications field is now designed in a way that students from abroad and students in the degree course Bachelor of Science (teaching) have the necessary qualification.

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