The general aim of the master program Computer Science is a research study. Based on a broad and, in selected fields of knowledge in-depth expertise, the analytic, creative, and design skills for the development of soft- and hardware systems are taught and encouraged. In addition, the abilities of the students to do basic and application-oriented research in the field of computer science will be created and strengthened.

The degree program enables the graduates to work successfully in the field of computer science for all of their working life. To achieve this goal it is necessary to teach the students not only close to present contents, but also theoretical substantiated concepts and methods, which are valid for a longer time than current trends. This especially includes the fields of formal, algorithmic, mathematical competences; analytical, design, realization and project-management-competences; technological competences, as well as social competences and personal competence.

Besides this, the study course focuses on two specifications to distinguish the course from other courses:

  • a bilingual education in English and German for foreign and German students and
  • a project-oriented work in several fields of specialization to teach the general competences mentioned above.

The existing Bachelor and Master programs in Applied Computer Science are continued.

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