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Robots are an essential part of assembly lines in automated industrial mass production. In the last years, so called lightweight robots that can be safely operated near humans without physical barriers have become broadly available. Recent progress in the field of artificial intelligence renders using cognitive cobots for partial automation in small enterprises or as service robots at home feasible. A growing demand for experts who can design, install, and maintain such systems in various application domains is, hence, to be expected.

The Institute for Computer Science at Bayreuth University is offering the certificate program “Robotics and Automation” to provide master’s students with a formal proof of qualification in these areas. Associated courses cover the field comprehensively by addressing the foundations of robotics, perception and planning methods for intelligent systems, and simulation-based planning of production systems. Theoretical knowledge can be consolidated in practical courses with topics matching the certificate qualification goals. 

The certificate is pursuable for students who are formally enrolled in one of the following Master programs: Computer Science, Angewandte Informatik, Informatik.

It can be obtained “alongside” the master’s studies by obtaining 60 credits from the below list of eligible courses. At least 8 credit points have to be obtained from Section D – Projects, Seminars, Master thesis to cover practical competencies.


Students who are interested in obtaining the Robotics and Automation Certificate or who want to subscribe to the program (informally) are asked to contact:

Dr. Dominik Riedelbauch
E-Mail: dominik.riedelbauch [@] uni-bayreuth.de
Gebäude: Angewandte Informatik

Eligible Courses (as of March 2021)


Section A – Foundations of Robotics
INF 203Eingebette Systeme
Embedded Systems
INF 207Robotik 1
Robotics 1
INF 216Fortgeschrittene Programmierkonzepte in C++
Advanced Programming Concepts in C++
INF 213Messtechnik5
II 215Eingebettete Systeme (Ing.)6
II 218Grundlagen der Mechatronik5
II 219Regelungstechnik5
II 306Sensorik5
II 310Digitale Signalverarbeitung und Bussysteme5
II 312Dynamik5

Section B – Intelligent Robot Systems
INF 208Computersehen
Computer Vision
INF 210Künstliche Intelligenz II
Artificial Intelligence II
INF 315Robotik II
Robotics II
INF 316Mustererkennung
Pattern Recognition

Section C – Simulation-based Planning
INF 202Computergraphik I
Computer Graphics I
INF 209Animation und Simulation
Animation and Simulation
INF 318Computergraphik III
Computer Graphics III
II 322Planung und Produktion8
II 323Fabrikplanung und Produktion4
II 324Industrie 4.0 in Planung und Produktion5

Section D – Projects, Seminars, Master Thesis (*)

INF 301Masterarbeit
Master thesis
INF 302Master-Seminar
Master seminar
INF 303Master-Praktikum
Master practical course
INF 351Kleines Master-Projekt
Small master project
INF 352Großes Master-Projekt
Large master project
INF 353Großes Master-Seminar
Large master seminar

(*) These courses are only creditable if concrete topics are in line with the certificate qualification goals. This has to be confirmed by the course instructor in coordination with the certificate coordinator.

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