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The application subject business informatics in the bachelor's programme in Applied Computer Science teaches the basics of business administration and business informatics. In addition, it includes introductions to related subjects such as economics and business law. The special feature of business informatics is that computer scientists have the task here of looking at familiar methods and concepts (data structures, algorithms, ...) not only from a technical but also from an economic point of view: Can theoretical solutions also be used in practice? What requirements does a customer or user have of an IT product and how can these requirements be implemented as effectively and efficiently as possible? Do the benefits correspond to the costs?

In order to be able to answer these questions, the application subject Business Informatics offers broad training in the following areas:

These foundations are a compulsory component of the bachelor's programme. In addition, students can earn up to 20 credits in in-depth areas. The module concept of the application subject thus presupposes some core elements on the one hand, but on the other hand leaves students a great deal of freedom. The model study plans provide a guideline.

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