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University of Bayreuth - the right decision for your studies

What is computer science?Hide

Computer science refers to the science of the systematic processing of information, especially automatic processing with the help of computer systems. Historically, computer science developed as a science from mathematics, while the development of the first computing systems has its origins in electrical engineering and communications engineering. Due to its constructive orientation - it involves the development of hardware and software - computer science can be classified as a branch of engineering.

More information on the term “computer science” is available from the Gesellschaft Informatik (GI).

What are some reasons for studying computer science? Hide

Computer science is increasingly affecting more and more areas of life. Today, there are many different types of computers: mainframes in computer centres, personal computers in the office, notebooks, tablets, computers in technical systems, e.g. in robotics, telecommunications, automotive engineering, etc.

While computers are getting smaller and smaller, the software to control them is getting larger and larger. Programmes that comprise many thousands of pages of programme text are no longer uncommon. However, these programmes are not only large, but also highly complex.

These trends place ever higher demands on the qualifications of the people who develop hardware and software. Computer science is a field with a future that is becoming a key technology in many areas.

What speaks in favour of applied computer science?Hide

In computer science, applications in a broad spectrum of disciplines are becoming increasingly important. Basic software such as operating systems, compilers, and database systems is increasingly being developed outside Germany (especially in the US). The degree programme also covers these areas of core computer science, because many basic theories and procedures were developed there that are part of the basic repertoire of a computer scientist and are also used in other fields. Within Germany, however, computer science will increasingly focus on applications, e.g. in environmental, biological, or engineering computer science.

For these reasons, interdisciplinary work is of central importance. This is taught in the Applied Computer Science programme from the very beginning (i.e. already starting in the 1st semester). It is important to learn to familiarize oneself quickly and thoroughly with an application area and to systematically apply computer science knowledge and skills there.

You will get to know one of these application areas thoroughly during your studies. However, an essential goal of the degree programme is to fundamentally familiarize you with application-related work so that you can quickly familiarize yourself with other areas later on if required.

What does the University of Bayreuth offer in the field of computer science? Hide

The Department of Computer Science offers undergraduate degree programmes computer science and applied computer science. In each area, a bachelor's programme and a master’s programme with coordinated fields of application are available. The structure of the degree programmes is based on the recommendations of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI).

In addition, Computer Science can also be studied as a teaching degree at the University of Bayreuth. The subject Computer Science can be chosen in the following subject combinations:

  • Teacher training for Gymnasien: Computer science in combination with mathematics, physics or economics.
  • Teacher training for Realschulen: Computer science in combination with mathematics, physics or economics.
  • Teacher training for vocational schools: Computer science in conjunction with metal technology.

Finally, computer science is offered as a minor subject for students in the bachelor’s programmes in English/Germanic/Romance Studies.

What are some arguments in favour of studying at a university (instead of a university of applied sciences)?Hide

There is a tendency to offer more foundational and research-oriented courses at universities and application-oriented courses at universities of applied sciences. However, this does not mean that studying at the university is strictly academic. The special profile of the University of Bayreuth lies in its application-oriented and interdisciplinary degree programmes. This is also true of Applied Computer Science, which combines a solid and broad-based education in the field of core computer science with in-depth study of an application area.

Bachelor's and master's degrees at universities and universities of applied sciences are equivalent (in contrast to the Diplom that used to be awarded). However, consecutive master's programmes are not offered at all universities of applied sciences. At the university, there is also the possibility of doing a doctorate following the master's degree. The master's programme itself also benefits from this, since students address cutting-edge research topics in their master's theses, for example.

What are the advantages of studying computer science in Bayreuth?Hide

Bayreuth is a young campus university. Computer science is now very well established at the University of Bayreuth. Since Summer Semester 2008, it has had its own building on campus. Students enjoy intensive supervision. Computer science in Bayreuth is not a degree programme for the masses, but rather offers a personal and pleasant atmosphere with a moderate number of students.

What requirements should a computer science student meet?Hide

First and foremost: professional interest and fun. Anyone who has had anything to do with computer science at school will have noticed how much fun programming can be. But not everyone who is interested in studying brings previous knowledge with them, and this is not even necessary: The degree programme does not require previous knowledge and teaches computer science from the ground up. However, you should have an interest in and an aptitude for mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering.

Computer science is not an easy subject to study. You should not choose computer science just because it is modern or promises good career prospects. You will be expected to do quite a bit during your studies. Computer science involves much more than just programming. If you are not quite sure, then we recommend taking one or more computer science self-tests. A collection of tests can be found on the OSA platform. Here you should successfully pass a subject-specific test of a university, e.g. that of the University of Bonn.

We also warmly invite prospective female students to consider joining our programmes.

What kind of career prospects does the computer science programme offer?Hide

The subject of computer science offers good career prospects in teacher training. On the one hand, it will become more and more widespread in schools; on the other hand, computer science is currently still usually taught by teachers who did not have the opportunity to choose computer science as a subject during their studies. After completing their studies, graduates of the bachelor's and master's programmes also have very good career prospects. There is a continuous need for computer science graduates, on the one hand because of the increasing spread of computer science techniques in many areas of technology, and on the other hand due to the fact that the first generation of computer experts will reach the threshold of retirement in the coming years. According to estimates by Germany’s Gesellschaft für Informatik, there will be twice as many vacancies in the coming years as there are computer science graduates leaving universities.

Preparing for studyHide

We commend you if you would like to prepare for your studies before you start.

Basically, all the learning material and competences are taught during the lecture period. Nevertheless, it is good to fill in any gaps from school, especially in mathematics.

Any preparation in terms of content depends somewhat on the individual's previous knowledge. You could, for example, prepare for the following modules from the first semester:

  • Engineering Mathematics I (all computer scientists)
  • Engineering Mechanics I (only computer engineers)
  • Introduction to Chemistry I (bioinformatics only)
  • Introduction to General Business Studies (only students enrolled in Business & Information Systems Engineering)

The materials recommended in the courses (textbooks, etc.) are indicated in the module handbook (in German).

For the optimal organization of your studies, it is definitely helpful if you have looked at the website of Applied Computer Science and for the bachelor's programme.

In particular, you should read through the examination and study regulations.

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