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In the engineering application subject of the bachelor's programme Applied Computer Science, physical foundations of mechanics and thermodynamics are taught. In addition, it includes basic introductions to various engineering disciplines (electrical engineering, control engineering, production engineering, design theory, measurement technology, process engineering) with interdisciplinary components (e.g. computer-aided design processes or computer-aided design of sensors and controllers).

Computer science applied in the field of engineering is not characterized by special methods; the computer scientist's task here is rather to use "classical" computer science concepts (data structures, algorithms, ...) efficiently to solve problems by taking into account technical aspects of the application area. The essential prerequisite for this is knowledge in the fundamental areas of engineering:

These foundations are a compulsory part of the bachelor's programme. In addition, students enrolled in the bachelor's programme choose a focus in one of the three areas mentioned (amounting to about 14 credits). The model study plans provide guidelines for this choice.

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