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The Business Informatics application subject of the master's degree programme in Applied Computer Science offers advanced and in-depth modules from the fields of information systems management and business administration. During their studies, students develop the ability to reconcile their understanding of technical methods and concepts with an economic, customer-oriented perspective. In addition, the programme offers students the opportunity to work on research-related topics and take their own first steps as researchers.
Two components are offered, from which a minimum number of credits must be acquired:
Business Informatics (at least 24 ECTS points):

Innovation management and marketing (at least 6 ECTS points):

The remainder of the 30 to 45 ECTS points to be acquired in the application subject can also come from the numerous elective modules in the subject areas of business information systems, business administration, law, or economics. The module system of the application subject thus presupposes certain core elements on the one hand, but also gives students great freedom of choice. The model study plans provide guidance.

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